Appointment Information

To schedule a first time appointment you can either call or email the Administrative Office.

Call: (603) 226-1999 ext. 111
Leave a message with the following information:
– Caller’s name and the best phone number to reach you.
– Client’s age and reason you are requesting counseling at this time.
What the client has for insurance coverage.
Our Intake Coordinator will call you to gather all the necessary information. On our Form’s tab you will find our Intake and Insurance forms.

To reschedule or confirm appointments for current clients:

All providers maintain their own appointment schedules. If you need to confirm or reschedule an appointment, you will need to contact your provider directly. Administrative staff does not have access to provider’s schedules.

Last Name, First Name – Extension
Akers, Sherry – 116
Ball, David – 129
Crosby, Herb – 120
Fitzgerald, Helen – 132
Freese, Ann – 115
Hatt, Roger – 118
Kamman, Sheryl – 124
Lee-Keeler, Catherine – 126
Metcalf, Amy – 133
Olson, Kirke – 112
Potter, Ken – 125
Strombom, Tracy – 114
Thorington, Paul – 117
Tibbetts, Lindsay – 134
Trainor, Caitlin – 136
Zacaroli, Grace – 121

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